What Is A Superpowered Life?

superpowered life

In my last post I told you that you have superpowers. Ordinary Superpowers to be exact.

Discovering your superpowers is life-changing all by itself, however it's just the first step to creating what I call a Superpowered Life.

So what is a Superpowered Life? Here's the definition I've been using lately:

A Superpowered Life is a fulfilling life spent creating, collaborating, and contributing to your world with your Ordinary Superpowers.

That's a pretty simple, straightforward definition, however there's a little more to it than you might initially think.

While the definition of a superpowered life in theory can apply to anyone, it is not meant to be a blanket definition for everyone. It's meant to be very personal and unique to you.

I want you to interpret every word according to what you find meaningful.

What does a fulfilling life look like for you? In other words, what is the ultimate life reward for you? A trail of business success? A healthy, happy family? A pile of money in the bank? A life full of rich experiences? All of the above? None of the above?

What does creating look like for you? Do you like to build physical things? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you love building a network? Are you an artist?

What does collaborating look like for you? Do you love one-on-one partnering? Are you a team-builder? Do you love mobilizing the masses? Or building a following?

What does contributing look like for you? Does that mean time? Or money? Or resources? Or skills? Do you want to solve a world-wide problem? Or the life of one person?

There are NO wrong answers to any of these questions. Well, I take that back. Answering these kinds of questions to make yourself look good is a surefire way to never feel fulfilled. I'd also advise against "shoulding" on yourself — devising answers based on what you think you should be doing, rather than based on what your real, raw, true desires and feelings are telling you.

I don't know very many people living a Superpowered Life, do you? In a recent workshop I asked my partipants, "Think about the people in your life. How many people do you know  are living a Superpowered Life?"

The average number was two.

The highest was five.

Do you know how many people each one of us knows? Every one of us knows hundreds! Some people know thousands.

And yet, we only need one hand — hell, we only need half of one hand — to count the number of people we know who are living a fulfilling life spent creating, collaborating, and contributing to the world with their Ordinary Superpowers.

Can you see why I'm so passionate about helping people discover their superpowers?

We accomplish pretty amazing things as humans living mostly average, ordinary, fairly mediocre lives. Imagine what we could do if we were all living a Superpowered Life?


Imagine what YOU could do.


My heart just started beating a little faster when I typed that last line. Did yours when you read it?

I want to help as many people as I can while I'm here on this planet. More importantly, I want to help you. Because you're here, you're reading this, and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you can make such a powerful positive difference on the world around you AND feel so much more fulfilled doing it.

Stay Super!

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