What Waits on the Other Side of Fear

"What you want is always on the other side of the fear you're avoiding."

I read that this morning and my brain just LIT UP.

I know this is not a new idea, but it came at just the right time.

I was initially thinking about my business, but it really applies to every area of life: my marriage, my relationships with my kids, my health & wellbeing, and everything else my life is made of.

I know that pain is always temporary (and always shorter than I imagine), but somehow it's always enough to make me do anything and everything I can to avoid it.

The key is to be SUPER CLEAR about what I really want and making it a POWERFUL LIGHTHOUSE that cuts through the fog of pain. Then I will always be able to see it and stay motivated, even when the pain and fear tries does its best to blind me and lead me toward the rocks.

Armed with this renewed enLIGHTenment, I am weirdly excited to move INTO the pain this week instead of continuing to avoid it.

See ya on the other side.

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