There Is No One Way Through This Crisis

Here’s a truth I needed to hear. And it’s a truth that took weeks for me to believe.

There is no one way through this crisis.

You see, I was reading the inspirational stories about people and businesses who appear to be pivoting their way around this thing by reinventing their business, getting funding, or hustling 24/7. And they were sharing their stories with the world to inspire others.

And all I could think was “Shit! I’m doing it all wrong! My business is f—d.”

Sorry if that sounds crude, but it is 100% what I was thinking every day.

Through that fear a small voice kept whispering, “You’re ok. Just do what you can,with what you’ve got, right where you are. Their path is not your path. There is no one way through this thing.”

That voice, that thought, has helped me stop comparing and start creating MY vision, MY path, MY way of moving forward.

I have to listen to that voice every day or I slip back into paralysis and despair. When I listen to the voice, I relax and take a step. Then another. Then another.

This is my way. I encourage you to listen to YOUR voice and find YOUR way.

Because the only thing I know for sure right now is that there is no one way through this thing.

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