My 1000 Free Book Giveaway!

When Covid-19 began, pretty much the whole world shut down and we were all freaking out just a little.

I was no exception. My business came to a screeching halt. My stress level went through the roof and I found myself completely shutting down.

I had no idea what to do, how to fix it, or what to focus on. Every day I kept thinking, "tomorrow I'll figure it out." And tomorrows came and went with no solution and no relief.

One day I was reminded of the saying, "Do what you can, with what you've got, right where you are."

So I looked around at my business and my life and one of the things I found was hundreds of cases of my book, Ordinary Superpowers, sitting in my basement.

I love this book. I've poured years of my life into the writing and workshops and speaking that I've done to help people discover, activate, enhance, and multiply their Ordinary Superpowers.

And I typically charge for it, or include it for a team who is doing a paid workshop.

But during COVID, the voice inside my head said, "That's it -- that's what you can do. Give it away."

The next day I launched a free book giveaway and gave away a few hundred books with a single email. And I felt ENERGIZED and motivated for the first time since this whole COVID thing started.

So I did it again a few weeks later and gave away even MORE books. That's when I had the idea to set a goal to give away at least 1000 books during the crisis. I've given away hundreds to individuals, and have sent 25, 50, even 100 books to various teams and organizations.

It's a fair amount of work to sign, pack, and ship a thousand books, especially in a short period of time. But it has been very fun, and very worthwhile.

The response I've received has been nothing short of inspiring as people have expressed their excitement and gratitude for the offer.

I figured we are going to need as many superpowered people as we can get in the months and years to come, which is why I created a significant goal. It has been so satisfying to feel the spark and momentum this has created.

I am thrilled to announce that I have reached — exceeded, actually — the 1000 book mark!

Which means I am bringing this giveaway to an end.

Kind of.

I still have books in my basement, and I still want to help as many people as I can, so I'm going to leave my book giveaway active for now. The only change will be that I'm limiting it to single books from now on.

Here's how to get your free book:

Just click the button below to order. All I ask for is $3.60 to cover the shipping. Here's how I came up with that number:

Media mail shipping for the book = $2.80.
Padded envelope = $.80

I wanted to be transparent with you on the shipping cost because I always see people offering free books, but then they charge $10 or more for shipping & handling. That's just a sneaky way to sell books.

I'll also be announcing more free "superpowered" resources in the coming weeks to keep doing what I can to help. Stay tuned.

Until then, order your free book and I'll ship it out right away. I hope it helps you find some peace and hope in this crazy time.

Stay safe, stay super.