Thanks so much for reading Ordinary Superpowers! This is the bonus page I mentioned throughout the book with some valuable extras just for readers. So please revisit this page as often as you want (you might even want to bookmark it), but please don’t share this page with others who haven’t read the book yet..

Ordinary Superpowers Book Cover


The companion workbook contains the activities I mention throughout the book that will help you Discover, Activate, Enhance, and Multiply your superpowers.


My Superpower Summit is a very unique, 2-day retreat where we do a deep-dive into your Ordinary Superpowers. It’s a great way to bring the book to life in an amazing environment, surrounded by fired-up people. Readers of my book get a bonus $100 discount to the Superpower Summit. This bonus is in ADDITION to any early bird or other public discounts that are being offered! To get the discount, simply use the promo code BOOKBONUS when you register.


Discussion Guide for Book Clubs and Teams
10 starter questions to help guide any group discussion about the book.

6 Questions That Reveal Your Superpowers
These are the same questions that are in the book, but in a handy web page that you can access easily as a reminder. And although I don’t want you to share the extras page (the one you’re on right now), you may absolutely share the 6 questions page with anyone you wish.

Download Chapter 4
This chapter is the "Discover Your Superpowers" chapter.

Download My Superpower Suitcase
This is a collection of 51 of my favorite apps, tools, and other resources that support a superpowered life.

Learn How To Say No With Zero Guilt
This is a simple, but powerful 4-part strategy that will help you gain back 100% control of your time (you know, so you can focus on more SUPERPOWER stuff).