“Best Life” Bullshit

Life coaches, self-help gurus, and content marketers are constantly telling/selling me to “Live your best life, Mark!"

And of course they have a product or service or coaching program that will help me do it.

I do it, too. I sell my book and workshops and soon-to-exist virtual training to help people live a more “superpowered life.”

What if that’s all bullshit?

Hang with me here for a minute.

What makes it bullshit is believing (or promising) there is something “out there” that will magically lead me to my “best life”.

It’s just another version of “I’ll be happy when...”

I’m discovering that my “best life” only appears when I am totally honest and clear with myself about how I feel and what I want. And it manifests even faster when I live and express this truth (my truth) to those around me.

So, my “best life” is available to me by simply telling myself the truth? So, it’s more about living authentically and being ME (even when “me” ain’t pretty sometimes) than achieving some goal or position or accomplishment? Or buying some program?

That’s a big, fat aha for me this week. And it will change how I share my work with the world and how I invite others to join me from now on.

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