Are you living a
Superpowered Life?


Do you know who you are and are you brave enough to share the real you with others?


Do you use your most natural talents to make a positive difference on the world around you?


Do you proactively look for ways to create more impact and make life more fulfilling for yourself AND others?


Do you overcome obstacles, and do you bounce back whenever the journey knocks you down?


Do you accept and pursue your unique hero's journey and resist comparing your path to anyone else's?

Stop Chasing "Greatness"

The world pushes us to chase greatness and to live an "epic and legendary" life every minute of every day through relentless messages via social media, movies, TV, and everything on the internet. At best we experience daily FOMO. At worst we experience frustration and even depression.

A Superpowered Life isn't about trying to capture as many instagram-worthy moments as we can or having thousands of Facebook friends. It's also not about being the person who ends world hunger or cures homelessness (unless, of course, that's really your calling).

A truly great life is one where you become the most real you possible and follow your own unique hero's journey wherever it takes you. Sure, your path might lead you to end world hunger, but it also might lead you to becoming a money-saving office manager, or a comforting pediatric nurse, or a passionate middle school basketball coach, or any one of seven billion other paths.

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